Faxaway Cards
The Premier Email to Fax Pre-Paid Cards.
No need to have or use Credit Cards, and worry about Your Credit Card number being misused.

Faxaway, the world's easiest & most cost effective email to fax service, allowing anyone with an email account to send faxes anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of conventional faxing. Now introduce the easiest way to make your Faxaway payments.

Now all you have to do is buy FAXAWAY CARDS from your local ISP or computer resellers against cash and avoid using your credit card over the Internet.

If your ISP ( Internet service provider) does not yet sell Faxaway Pre-Paid Cards, Send us there email address, and we will send them more information on how they can also sell Faxaway cards, so that you can buy from them Or you can look at our World Wide Sales Network map to find out where to buy your Faxaway Cards from.

How it works:
If you are an old Fax-away user, you may be using your credit card for payment.
In the Fax-away pre-paid card, you pay CASH, and buy the Scratch Card.
You send your fax as normal, for example you write in your email program the Number@faxaway.com and the fax goes, in the same way you do this, but you put the PIN number hidden on the scratch card, in the SUBJECT LINE of your email, and send your email to fax. In a couple of minutes, you get 2 emails, 1 for the confirmation of your fax, and second the confirmation of the Card Activation.
Congratulations, you can now use your Faxaway account, as you used to, its THAT simple.

The price of the card is 25$US or equivalent amount in your local currency. You may have to pay a little higher upto10% extra fee to the vendor due to the cost incurred by them, and local taxes etc. When you pay by  credit card, you don't occur any extra fee on the payment.  But in the Faxaway Pre paid card there is NO MONTHLY   fee, where as in the Credit Card You have to pay 1$ a month service fee.

How to Activate the card:
To activate the card, and transfer the amount in your email address, you need to send a fax.

To send the fax write your fax number followed by @faxaway.com For Example 12063742789@faxaway.com , and write the PIN number for Example FPN4W21Y14P92 in the Subject line.
You will need to write the PIN only one time to activate the account. Once the account has been activated you will not need the PIN anymore & you should destroy the PIN Card.

Once you send your fax, you will get 2 confirmations, one for the account activation confirming that the money has been transferred to your account and second for the fax you sent.

If you have any problems please email to care@happyfax.com

For more information about Faxaway, Please visit http://www.fax-away.com

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