You can now sell Faxaway Pre-Paid Cards to customers in you area, and be part of our rapidly growing Faxaway World Wide Card Sales, Team.

Faxaway Pre-Paid Cards are ideal for places where there is a low availability of International Credit Cards, or where the customers are more interested in paying locally rather than using there credit card, thus creating a great opportunity to sell Faxaway Pre-Paid cards via retail channel Locally.

We will be putting your name on our sales map, so that our customers may contact you directly.

The minimum purchase for Faxaway Pre-Paid Cards is 500$, and we offer handsome commission on the sales, which is calculated on your total order in one month. Plus we also allow a local sales commission of up to 15%. I.e. you are allowed to sell a 10$ card in 11.5$ In your local currency.

Commission Structure:

500$  - 999$  5%
1000$   to  5000$  7%
5000$   to  9000$  10%
9001$   to 25,000$ 13%
25,000$ +        15 %

SPECIAL extra 5% Commission available on all the above for the month of July 1999.
So order NOW and get extra 5% commission.

Cards are available in denomination of 25$. If you have any special amount to order, that can be done if the initial order is at least 1000$.

if you would like to avail this great opportunity and want to re-sell Faxaway Cards, to Customers of even re-sellers or agents if you have a good re-seller channel, Contact us at with a small company profile of yours, a monthly sales projection, and the city or country you would like to sell Faxaway Cards in.

All payments are to be made in advance.
Above prices are in US$.

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