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Faxaway is the world's easiest and most cost effective email to fax service, allowing anyone with an email account to send faxes anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of conventional faxing. Click here for our latest rates.

At Faxaway we try our best, to give you the best available services, we have now a whole suite of services that you can use.

Email to Fax:
Faxaway's normal email to fax service allows you to send a fax to anywhere in the world from any email address, it can be your hotmail.com or yahoo mail account, or it can be your normal email from your outlook express.
To send a fax from your email, simply compose your email , and send to number@faxaway.com and your email will go out as a fax.
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Attach A File:
Faxaway support a a very wide standard of files, including all of ms office, jpg, tiff, psf. You can simply attach the file when sending a email to fax, the file can include Fax Broadcast:
Fax broadcast allows you to send hundreds of faxes in one go, you can send memo's ads, news, and other important faxes just by sending it once from your side, and our high speed fax servers will manage the whole list for you. Read our Broadcast User guide for more details.

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Faxomatic is a FREE small program, that lets you, send faxes in any language, and from any windows 95/98 application. You can have a whole Phone Book in it, and send fax as easy as printing a document to a printer.

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Faxaway Pre Paid Cards:
Faxaway Pre-Paid cards are simply pre-paid scratch cards, which provide an alternative mode of payment to customers who do not want to use there credit cards. These cards are easily available from your local ISP or your computer Reseller.

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GreetAFax is  a easy to use service, that lets you send Greetings via faxes. You can choose the fax greeting you want to send, from the variety available on the web site, enter your message, and your Greet-A-Fax is sent.


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E-Commerce and Fax Solutions:
Do you want to send or receive orders from your fax machine, and then forward them to your or your clients Fax machine. Fax-away can do this for you. Simply make a mail to form and send it to the faxnumber@faxaway.com and your order form will go to the fax machine. If you need assistance in doing so, we can help you out. Email us on support@fax-away.com and we will help you out if you have any problems.

You are charged per min. i.e. to USA it will be 11 cents a min, and there is a small monthly 1$ fee, for reverse billing.

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Email Via Fax:
Have you ever wanted an email address, that would come out as a normal fax on your fax machine ? well here is your answer, we call it Vemail, where you can get a email address from us, and all the emails sent to that address go out to your fax machine anywhere in the world. You are charged per min., and you are charged per min and there is a monthly 1$ fee.

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